OPOS PosExplorer.GetDevice() returns null when executed in Windows Service

the source above seems to have so few response, so i was hoping there could be an elaborate explanation/link that can help us on how to implement the security for opos setup?

We are using the same device Epson TM-U220B.


I realise this is a reasonably old post but i'll add a bit of information for starters. If you're still searching for an active solution I can try and shed some more light om the topic.

Have you installed the OPOS Common Control Objects (CCOs)? I recommend checking out Curtiss Monroe's website (http://monroecs.com/oposccos_current.htm).

Once installed, register the ActiveX COM-Objects you desire with regsvr32 and try running your application again.

Let me know how it goes. A.


With a lot of search and ask Microsoft forums, they provide a patch for this problem.

Download this patch from Microsoft and solve this!


I use the EPSON TM-T20II and .NET 4.5 Framework and it Works!

Let me know if this solved your problem.


  • after patching it gives me error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    – Saeed Khan
    Feb 8 '15 at 13:34

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