I want my search to return Random entries from database.How to do this?
This is my search function where i am using Join query and have taken a new model to pass Attributes.

var planetfeedsOrder = from a in db.PlanetFeeds
                       where a.PlanetFeedOwnerId == id || a.PlanetFeedPosterId == id
                       && a.CurrentState != 1
                       join c in db.Graphs on a.PlanetFeedItemGraphId equals c.GraphID
                       join u in db.UserInfos on a.PlanetFeedOwnerId equals u.UserInfoID
                       orderby a.PostDate descending
                       select new UserInfoViewModel
                        AvatarURL = u.AvatarURL,
                        UserName=u.FirstName +" "+u.LastName,
                        GraphItemDescription = c.GraphItemDescription,
                        GraphItemURL = c.GraphItemURL,   
                        isRootFeed = a.isRootFeed,
                        PostDate = a.PostDate,
                        CurrentState = a.CurrentState,
return PartialView("_PlanetfeedPartial",planetfeedsOrder.Take(itemCount).ToList());

By inserting the guid (which is random) the order with orderby would be random.:

  planetfeedsOrder.OrderBy(c => Guid.NewGuid()).Take(itemCount).ToList()

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