I have a MacBook Pro 13' (mid-2009) with and french keyboard layout and I want to use this keyboard on Ubuntu 14.04 in the same way as on Mac OSX Mavericks.

For example, when I hit the key "@", another character is printed on the screen.

Does anyone have the solution ?

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This solution worked for me :

  • In Paramètres système or System Settings, click on Saisie de texte or Text Entry.
  • Sources d'entrée à utiliser or Input sources to use has to be Français or French (and not Français (Apple), Français (Macintosh), French (Apple), French (Macintosh) or anything else.
  • Modify the file /etc/default/keyboard to have :
    • XKBMODEL="macintosh"
    • XKBLAYOUT="fr"

All the others lines of this file have to be blank or should be commented (this first column should contain #).

  • Log in / log out or reboot
  • That's all !
  • Did you mean Systemsteuerung?
    – lukas_o
    Sep 6, 2016 at 9:30

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