I've faced a strange issue in qmake. I need make to copy a file according to its rules based on existence and time stamp. I have subdirs (TEMPLATE=subdirs) project type. I tried this:

__file = script.py
__target_file = $${DESTDIR}/$${__file}

my_target.target = $$__target_file
my_target.commands = cp -f $${__file} $${__target_file}
my_target.depends = $${__file}

all_target.target = all
all_target.depends = $${__target_file}

QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS *= my_target all_target

I use GNU Make to build this project for Linux and Mac OS.

The main problem here is that Makefile ends up with two rules for the all target. The first one is

all: FORCE

and the second one is my custom all_target.

In a situation like this, make call produces no result, and make all executes all_target.

If it was a lib or app project type, it would be easier, using qmake variable POST_TARGETDEPS to copy any extra dependecies.

P.S. I also need to be able to build this by Visual Studio 9.

  • I managed to solve this for GNU Make using first target. Unfortunately it does not work in Visual Studio at all :( – QBatman Oct 6 '14 at 14:38

I had to make this project as lib-type for Visual Studio 9 with empty source file stub.c. And use hacking approach to re-generate stub.c each time when script.py changes. It's very annoying.

Complete code for .pro-file:

TARGET = my_module

win32: TEMPLATE = lib
else: TEMPLATE = subdirs


__file = ...
__target_file = ...
__copy_cmd = ...

win32 {
   CONFIG *= staticlib
   DESTDIR = ...
   my_target.input = SCRIPT_MODULE_FILE
   my_target.output = stub.c
   my_target.commands = $${__copy_cmd} && copy /y nul stub.c > nul
else {
   my_target.target = $$__target_file
   my_target.commands = $$__copy_cmd
   my_target.depends = $${__file}
   first.depends = $(first) my_target
   QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS *= first my_target

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