For the sake of discussion, let's say I have two controllers: Alpha and Beta. And, let's say, I want to map them to the same action, but on one or a different controller: /Alpha/DoThis & /Beta/DoThis get sent to either /Alpha/DoThis or even /Omega/DoThis. How might one accomplish this?


~/App_Start/RouteConfig.cs would be my guess (or Application_Start if you don't have one):

// just in case you need the alias
//var routes = RouteCollection.Routes;

    name: "RedirectSomeRoutes",
    url: "{originalController}/DoThis",
    defaults: new {
        controller = "Alpha", // Use this controller
        action = "DoThis",    // And use this action
    // Setup constraints so it only runs against the supplied
    // matching controllers (e.g. Alpha, Beta and Omega)
    constraints: new {
        originalController = "^Alpha|Beta|Omega$"

Note that MVC runs with the first match within the RouteTable, so you want the most specific route listed first, and the most generic (usually {controller}/{action}/{id}) listed last.

Alternatively, you could use rewrites (within your web.config) which would give you more power in terms of response codes, etc (e.g. 403 redirect).

  • And if I wanted to match any controller? I assume I'd need to modify originalController with the regular expression for any? I.e. ".*"? – EDanaII Oct 6 '14 at 21:00
  • Just remove the constraint parameter from MapRoute (the default constraint is similar to that of .*). – Brad Christie Oct 7 '14 at 12:50

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