I'm using Zabbix 2.2.6 for both server and clients and trying to configure zabbix-agent works only for active mode. Basically I set on /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf


I clone 2 templetes in zabbix server web GUI Template App Zabbix Agent Active and change all item type to Zabbix agent active mode. Then add the client and link to that template.

I also open firewall on Zabbix server port 10050 and 10051 for client. On client I can telnet and check that connection is okay for those 2 ports. But I still got this error:

active check configuration update from [zabbix_server_ip:10051] started to fail (ZBX_TCP_READ() failed: [104] Connection reset by peer)

On passive mode everything work fine except sometimes it returns the anyoing error:

Zabbix agent on MY_CLIENT_NODE is unreachable for 5 minutes

I think switch to active mode can solve this problem since I update the server to latest version of 2.2.x.

Please give me suggest about this case.

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