Imagine, you have 3 machines - 1 chef-workstation, chef-server and 1 client which is configured.

So, I need to extract client's IP-address from configfiles/processes/etc on a chef-server or vice versa: extract server's IP-address on chef-client machine(node). (that means, that I can't use workstation for extracting IP-address).


On the chef workstation, get the nodes ipaddress with knife:

knife search node '*' -a ipaddress

And get the chef server ip by resolving its host name with dns, getting the chef server hostname from the knife.rb file eventually...

I don't get the point of tagging your question with ruby if you don't want to use it...


From inside the template code on the client you can use <%= node['ipaddress'] %> to get the IP address of the default interface. Not sure what you mean by "on a chef-server".

  • I am writing a support product for chef. And I need to extract server's(or client's) IP adress from somewhere. I can't use any ruby coding. Only configfiles or just other UNIX utilities(like top)
    – Jade
    Oct 7 '14 at 17:24
  • From the client machine, you can use ohai directly by running ohai ipaddress. If you want to query the server, you can use any of a number of client libraries like chef-api or PyChef. It is possible to query the Chef server using cURL but I really don't recommend it.
    – coderanger
    Oct 7 '14 at 18:26

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