I'm needing to collect information from internet data usage on the iphone, the below code in C # I'm using only returns 0 values​​.

I'm using the right class?

have some reference I need to add in Xamarin?

appears in mono 3 types of classes, Coincidentally the "MacOsIPv4InterfaceStatistics" interface always returns the fixed value 0.



using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using System.Threading;
using MonoTouch.ObjCRuntime;

namespace Taximetro { public delegate void Update();

public static class ControleUso
    public static long controller;

    public static long BytesReceivedWiFi;
    public static long BytesSentWiFi;

    public static long BytesReceived3G;
    public static long BytesSent3G;

    public static Update UpdateMethod;

    public static void DoWork()
        foreach (var netint in NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()) {
            var stats = netint.GetIPv4Statistics ();

            //if (netint.Name.StartsWith ("en")) {
                BytesReceivedWiFi += stats.BytesReceived;
                BytesSentWiFi += stats.BytesSent;

            if (netint.Name.StartsWith ("pdp_ip")) {
                BytesReceived3G += stats.BytesReceived;
                BytesSent3G += stats.BytesSent;
        if (UpdateMethod != null) {
            UpdateMethod ();
        Thread.Sleep (1000);

  • AFAIK, iOS doesn't expose any public APIs to allow you to gather this data from a device. – Jason Oct 8 '14 at 12:15
  • This link shows a similar code written in ObjC github.com/pkjmesra/DataUsage but need to write in my project in C # - Xamarin. – rcaratchuk Oct 8 '14 at 12:22

Notice that data is uint and not long, which means it will overflow every 4GB of data.

Edit: After some Googling around I noticed that this data is reset on iOS reboot. Just some heads ups to anyone who might use this.

public enum InterfaceTypes

public class DataUsage
    [DllImport ("libc")]
    static extern int getifaddrs (out IntPtr ifap);

    [DllImport ("libc")]
    static extern void freeifaddrs (IntPtr ifap);

    const int AF_LINK = 18;

    struct ifaddrs
        public IntPtr ifa_next;
        public string ifa_name;
        public uint ifa_flags;
        public IntPtr ifa_addr;
        public IntPtr ifa_netmask;
        public IntPtr ifa_dstaddr;
        public IntPtr ifa_data;

    public InterfaceTypes InterfaceType {
        private set;

    public uint BytesSent {
        private set;

    public uint BytesReceived {
        private set;

    public static List<DataUsage> GetAllNetworkInterfacesUsage ()
        IntPtr ifap;
        if (getifaddrs (out ifap) != 0)
            throw new SystemException ("getifaddrs() failed");

        List<DataUsage> usages = new List<DataUsage> ();
        try {
            IntPtr next = ifap;
            while (next != IntPtr.Zero) {
                ifaddrs addr = (ifaddrs)Marshal.PtrToStructure (next, typeof(ifaddrs));
                next = addr.ifa_next;
                string name = addr.ifa_name;
                if (addr.ifa_addr != IntPtr.Zero) {
                    if (Marshal.ReadByte (addr.ifa_addr, 1) == AF_LINK) {
                        if (!name.StartsWith ("en") && !name.StartsWith ("pdp_ip"))
                        usages.Add (new DataUsage () {
                            InterfaceType = name.StartsWith ("en") ? InterfaceTypes.Wifi : InterfaceTypes.Cellular,
                            BytesReceived = (uint)Marshal.ReadInt32 (addr.ifa_data, 40),
                            BytesSent = (uint)Marshal.ReadInt32 (addr.ifa_data, 44)

        } finally {
            freeifaddrs (ifap);
        return usages;
  • Quero agradecer pela resposta. – rcaratchuk Oct 14 '14 at 0:57

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