I'm trying to set up the NERDComment plugin in vim, but I'm having some trouble with the keys. I'd like to set the basic toggle functionality (comment a line if it's uncommented, uncomment if it's commented) to be c. The problem is that I've remapped the Leader to be ,, which is the same key that NERD wants for all of it's hotkeys. Anyone have any idea as to how to set this up?

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Just call NERDComment function in your mapping. For example, my mapping to comment the current line:

inoremap ,c <C-o>:call NERDComment(0,"toggle")<C-m>

Here's a breakdown of how this vim remap works.

The i in inoremap means that the remap only applies in insert mode.

The noremap means that the remap can't be overridden later in your .vimrc file by accident, or by a plugin.

The ,c is the key combination that triggers the key map.

The <C-o> temporarily takes you out of insert mode for one command, so the next section of the remap can call the NERDComment function.

The :call NERDComment(0,"toggle") is the NERDComment function being called.

Then <C-m> is another way of saying carriage return, which executes the command.

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    Could you give a further explanation on that line of code? Oct 22, 2014 at 8:04
  • I also needed this line in my .vimrc in order for this to work: let g:NERDCreateDefaultMappings = 0
    – lsimmons
    Sep 1, 2017 at 3:17
  • Thank you for breaking down the vim syntax it was very helpful.
    – Aundre
    Aug 13, 2020 at 15:23
  • In the newer version NERDComment(0, "toggle") is deprecated and should be replaced with: call nerdcommenter#Comment(0,"toggle")
    – Flov
    Feb 26 at 13:16

If you want the comment shortcut to work in normal mode and visual mode, but not in insert mode where it might do something weird when you try to type a comma, you can use the following remaps:

nnoremap ,c :call NERDComment(0,"toggle")<CR>
vnoremap ,c :call NERDComment(0,"toggle")<CR>

documented method of remapping key is located here: remapping documentation


map <leader>d <Plug>NERDCommenterToggle

"silently rejects remap will not work
nnoremap <leader>d <Plug>NERDCommenterToggle 

I fell into the pitfall of attempting to use "nnoremap" to remap on my first attempt resulting in unresponsive mapping. You must use "map", "nmap", etc to properly remap the function

:map <C-z> <plug>NERDCommenterToggle

Maps 'toggle comments' to ctrl+z

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