Is there an HTML parser or some library that automatically converts HTML tables into CSV data rows?

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    Storing an entire HTML page as CSV doesn't really make much sense. You mean convert an HTML table to CSV? – Michael Mrozek Apr 13 '10 at 5:31

Here is some perl script. And online converter (java needed). Or you can just manually copy HTML table from browser to OpenOffice Calc / MS Excel and save it as CSV - this will work too.

And here you are step-by-step solution on PHP.


you can try this simple PHP script (also as online converter) http://www.scherello.de/?id=243


sed s/'<td>'//g d1.txt | sed s/'<\/td>'//g | sed s/'<\/a>'/'<\/a>,'/g | sed s/'<\/em>'/'<\/em>,'/g | sed s/'<tr>'/'<br>'/g | sed s/'<\/tr>'//g | sed s/'<th>'/'<b>'/g | sed s/'<\/th>'/'| <\/b>'/g> names1.html

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