What is the performance impact of setting topology.stats.sample.rate: 1.0 in yaml?

How this works?

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topology.stats.sample.rate configures the rate at which a Storm topology statistics would be calculated.

Default value in defaults.yaml is 0.05. This means only five out of 100 events are taken into account.
The value of 1 means each tuple's statistics is going to be calculated.

Is this going to decrease performance? Most likely many will say yes but since each environment is different, I would say it is better to measure it yourself. Increase and decrease the value and measure the throughput of your topology.

  • thanks it helped me alot but how can i measure it ? i'm new to this trying to measure of performance of my topology to compare it with another topology i mean how can i do that ?
    – user5520049
    Jan 13, 2016 at 17:05

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