I was in the process of creating redhat based lxc in redhat host machine but lxc-create doesn't have any template for redhat. I like to know if there is any feasibility to create redhat lxc in redhat host machine.I have also read about virsh and docker. Virsh is used for host based containers but will it be isolated similar to LXC and have anyone had experience about it. I'm confused whether i can configure separate filesystems and network interface for each container in virsh. Please help me with best solution. Thanks in advance.


The Docker Hub is full of images that can be used with LXC (including redhat images). You can use dlrootfs to download the redhat image directly from the Docker Hub and then use it with LXC.

Hope that helps

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  • thank u..i will try this but i went ahead with docker itslef..profiling of each container is not enough in docker compared to lxc..will return to lxc if you mentioned was feasible. – user3550166 Oct 29 '14 at 10:42

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