I want to show html contents in my form. I tried to it with rich text box.

rtBox.Text = body;

but it fails.

How to show html contents in RichTextBox? I am using VS 2008.

  • Do you want to show the highlighted html, or copy the rendered text from an html document? – James Westgate Apr 13 '10 at 8:43
  • I want to show text as we see in a browser..I don't want to use web browser. – Royson Apr 13 '10 at 8:48

If you've got HTML content, you could use the WebBrowser control - otherwise you will have to convert the HTML to RTF to render in the RichTextBox


Use a hidden WebBrowser Control and load it with the html content you want. Then SelectAll() from the WebBrowser, Copy(), and Paste() into the richtextbox.

WebBrowser wb = new WebBrowser(); wb.Navigate("about:blank");
string url=@"http:\\....";
private const int sleepTimeMiliseconds = 200;

while (wb.ReadyState != WebBrowserReadyState.Complete)

wb.Document.ExecCommand("SelectAll", false, null);
wb.Document.ExecCommand("Copy", false, null);

RTF encoding is different from HTML. You cannot do this straight away. Rowland has rightly suggested WebBrowser control.

If not, then you need to write your own HTML to RTF converter or find something similar.


If you want HTMl highlighted text int he RichTextBox you can use something like this (Syntax Highlighting in Rich TextBox).
From there you can make your own highlighting (based on the html elements).

Here's also an example (An extended RichTextBox to save and load HTML lite files)


If you're willing to spend money, the DevExpress RTF control can be given HTML.

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