I currently have a macro that when i click a button, it "randomly" gives me a number in a msgbox:

dim number as double
number= Int(8 * Rnd + 1) - 1
MsgBox number

The thing is, the numbers aren't actually randomized. For example: If i start the macro, click the button twice, lets say i get the numbers 5 and 2. Now if i close the macro and open it again and click the button twice, i get the same two numbers 5 and 2.

Now i know that in VB.net there was a way to actually get it to spit out random numbers each time without repeating the "sequence" but it's been years since i touched vb.net so i don't quite remember, also i would not know how to use it in excel vba.


You need to initialize the random number function

Sub test()
Dim number As Double
number = Int(8 * Rnd + 1) - 1
MsgBox number
End Sub
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    Thank you so much! – HumanlyRespectable Oct 9 '14 at 14:35
  • This is SOOOO unintuitive! Not, Rnd.Randomize(), or Rnd.Init()? No - an orphaned Randomize function! Blech! (Of course, it worked - thanks!) – SteveCinq Jun 14 '18 at 21:24

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