How can you call GM_xmlhttpRequest inside of an eval where you are evaling some complicated code, some of which calls GM_xmlhttpRequest.

This is a follow up to Perform GM_xmlhttpRequest() from eval

Here is some sample code:

// ==UserScript==
// @name          Test GM AJAX
// ==/UserScript==

console = unsafeWindow.console;
function fetch(msg) {
  console.log('fetching: '+msg);
      method: 'GET',
      url: '',
      onload: function(responseDetails) {

function complicated(arg1, arg2) {
  fetch(arg1 + arg2);
var code = 'complicated("Ya", "y!")';
function myEval(code) {

which outputs:

fetching: Yay!
fetching: BOO
fetching: Yay!
fetching: 30
fetching: cool

So the only fetch that worked was the setTimeout(fetch,0) but I need to actually execute the code which includes come complicated code.

Any ideas?

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    Could you justify your reason for using eval? From experience I can tell there's an alternative about 99.7% of the time. "I have complicated code" is not a justification. – Matti Virkkunen Apr 13 '10 at 8:44
  • I'm building a plugin system, where all the plugins are little pieces of javascript stored on the server, and sent over to the client to be executed. Each plugin can call into the client library to do some actions. Is there a better way than eval() for plugin systems? – Paul Tarjan Apr 13 '10 at 8:51
  • I guess that might fall into the other 0.3%. – Matti Virkkunen Apr 13 '10 at 8:55

as I have the same problem, just months later and their seems no answer out there.

If you only want to run this code on one machine or in an developing environmetn as I do, you might consider changing the Greasmonkey Addon source: There it is only two letters: "//" in components / greasemonkey.js, line 47 ff

 if (stack.filename != null &&
      stack.filename != gmSvcFilename &&
      stack.filename.substr(0, 6) != "chrome") {
    GM_logError(new Error("Greasemonkey access violation: unsafeWindow " +
                "cannot call " + apiName + ". --> DISABED"));
    // return false;  OUT-COMMENT THIS LINE 

But take care, as you mya get security problems with mal scripts.

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