In Worklight, after using the "build setting and deploy target" option and building all environments I have proceeded to deploy the WAR file and wlapp files on worklight console of the remote server.

now when i try to run my app from the worklight console i get lots of 404 errors "NetworkError: 404 Not Found:


and when i run my http adapter I get the below error:

response [/SocialRatingV2/apps/services/api/SocialRatingV2/desktopbrowser/query]

success: /-secure- {"isSuccessful":false,"WL-Authentication-Success":{"wl_anonymousUserRealm":{"userId":"24fbe6d3-40f3-4535-993a-4f3928cbc0e1","attributes":{},"isUserAuthenticated":1,"displayName":"24fbe6d3-40f3-4535-993a-4f3928cbc0e1"},"wl_antiXSRFRealm":{"userId":"fsu8rka0ogkvr6ia3egm9j3rqn","attributes":{},"isUserAuthenticated":1,"displayName":"fsu8rka0ogkvr6ia3egm9j3rqn"}},"warnings":[],"errors":["Ecma Error: TypeError: Cannot find default value for object. (bluepagesAPI-impl.js#41)"],"info":[]}/

  • What is in line #41 in your bluepagesAPI-impl.js adpater file? – Idan Adar Oct 9 '14 at 23:28

After talking privately with the user, removing the line at #41 magically made it work again.

Not particularly helpful answer, but that's the best that can be written w/out the code from the application.

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  • The issue was in the line WL.Logger.info("++++++++++++++++++LOG++++++++++++++++"+resultbluepage); – Mehjabin Oct 10 '14 at 10:39
  • I was trying to print the result without stringifying it .... When i commented this line .... the error vanished :) – Mehjabin Oct 10 '14 at 10:39

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