With emacs 23.x, pdbtrack integration (giving you the arrow pointing to the current line of code) works with the regular M-x shell RET. This is useful, for example, to drop into the debugger while running automated tests with a Makefile.

In emacs 24.x, this no longer works. I notice that if I run a python script with M-x python-shell-send-file then the pdbtrack integration works. But it does not work when running python via a standard emacs shell (M-x shell RET).


I use this snippet:

(require 'python)

(defun my-shell-mode-hook ()
  (add-hook 'comint-output-filter-functions 'python-pdbtrack-comint-output-filter-function t))

(add-hook 'shell-mode-hook 'my-shell-mode-hook)

to prevent the pdbtrack stuff from trying to work on other buffers (eg gdb buffers).

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    I thought at first that this snippet had no effect but then realized maybe I'm supposed to change 'my-mode-hook to 'python-mode-hook. True? I'm new to using hooks. – reteptilian Jan 14 '15 at 23:54
  • Sorry! I blindly went through and changed things from my actual user name to "my", and did one too many. It is shell-mode-hook you want, not my-mode-hook nor python-mode-hook. – sfink Jan 20 '15 at 1:53

You can fix this problem by adding the following hook to your .emacs file:

(add-hook 'comint-output-filter-functions 'python-pdbtrack-comint-output-filter-function)

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