How can I access the images stored inside public/images folder without the use of Laravel's own functions like assets()?

I just want to get the direct URL of the images stored in images folder.



When requesting the link i should get the direct image.


If you are inside a blade template

{{ URL::to('/') }}/images/stackoverflow.png


Just put your Images in Public Directory (public/...folder or direct images).
Public directory is by default rendered by laravel application.
Let's suppose I stored images in public/images/myimage.jpg.
Then in your HTML view, page like: (image.blade.php)

<img src="{{url('/images/myimage.jpg')}}" alt="Image"/>

I have created an Asset helper of my own.

First I defined the asset types and path in app/config/assets.php:

return array(

    | Assets paths
    | Location of all application assets, relative to the public folder,
    | may be used together with absolute paths or with URLs.

    'images' => '/storage/images',
    'css' => '/assets/css',
    'img' => '/assets/img',
    'js' => '/assets/js'

Then the actual Asset class:

class Asset
    private static function getUrl($type, $file)
        return URL::to(Config::get('assets.' . $type) . '/' . $file);

    public static function css($file)
        return self::getUrl('css', $file);

    public static function img($file)
        return self::getUrl('img', $file);

    public static function js($file)
        return self::getUrl('js', $file);


So in my view I can do this to show an image:

{{ HTML::image(Asset::img('logo.png'), "My logo")) }}

Or like this to implement a Java script:

{{ HTML::script(Asset::js('my_script.js')) }}

when you want to access images which are in public/images folder and if you want to access it without using laravel functions, use as follows:

<img src={{url('/images/photo.type')}} width="" height="" alt=""/>

This works fine.

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