the Ngrok documentation mentions this example to share a local port on Internet. Example: Open port 80 on your local machine to the internet

$ ngrok 80

How do I stop sharing this port if I would not want it to be accessed on the internet any more.


On windows machine go to command prompt:

taskkill /f /im ngrok.exe


First, you have to find the ngrok process id by $ top command.
After that, just run $ kill -9 {ngrok_id}
That's all :)


You just have to stop ngrok for this.

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    And how would that be on a Mac? Pardon the naivety, never worked with Ngrok – pal4life Oct 13 '14 at 14:31
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    I use linux, but i think is the same on mac. If you start it from the console you just have to hit Ctrl+C to stop it. Otherwise yo have to see find the process in the process list and kill it. – user2239352 Oct 14 '14 at 12:40
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    killall ngrok from a script or the command line will kill all running ngrok tunnels that are running. – kkron Nov 21 '14 at 6:58
  • for Mac: ps -A to see all processes, then kill XXXX, replacing XXXX with the number of the ngrok process. – Joe Coyle Oct 11 at 2:49

Simple as pressing ctrl+c. But I'm not sure if it closes any ports. The same happens as @user7032676 told. enter image description here

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