I'm using THREE.WebGLRenderer and I would like to draw a few same-sized white dots at specific positions in 3D space.

Should I use sprites, calculate the 2D screen coordinates and use SpriteMaterial.useScreenCoordinate?

Should I simply recalculate the size of the sprites using the distance of them to the camera?

Can I use SpriteMaterial.scaleByViewport or SpriteMaterial.sizeAttenuation? Is there any documentation for this?

Is there something like GL_POINTS? It would be nice to just define 1 vertex and get a colored pixel at that position. Should I experiment with PointCloud?

Thanks for any hints!

Edit: All points should have the same size on the screen.


Using .sizeAttenuation and a single-vertex PointCloud works, but it feels a bit… overengineered:

var dotGeometry = new THREE.Geometry();
dotGeometry.vertices.push(new THREE.Vector3( 0, 0, 0));
var dotMaterial = new THREE.PointsMaterial( { size: 1, sizeAttenuation: false } );
var dot = new THREE.Points( dotGeometry, dotMaterial );
scene.add( dot );
  • if you creating new vector 0,0,0, it is not nesessary to define it, just set new THREE.Vector3()
    – Martin
    Mar 12 '18 at 21:01
  • the raycaster.intersectObjects(dot.vertices) is not working, is there any way to select a vertex by the mouse? Dec 3 '20 at 11:17
  • For me, this leads to "Uncaught TypeError: THREE.Geometry is not a constructor"
    – pfincent
    Mar 1 at 17:39
  • Since r125, I think they have removed the Geometry for BufferGeometry for free form drawing as is in the example threejs.org/docs/index.html?q=Float32BufferAttribute#api/en/… I will modify the example to suit the question in separate answer Mar 24 at 6:09

For r125

The excerpt is taken from threejs official example. After some modification here how made it to work.

var dotGeometry = new BufferGeometry();
dotGeometry.setAttribute( 'position', new Float32BufferAttribute( new Vector3().toArray(), 3 ) );
var dotMaterial = new PointsMaterial( { size: 0.1 } );
var dot = new Points( dotGeometry, dotMaterial );
scene.add( dot );
  • i'm not sure why, but I get this error while attempting to do this. hand-model-sample.js:109 Uncaught ReferenceError: Float32BufferAttribute is not defined
    – schezfaz
    Jul 24 at 21:21

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