This question has been asked many time but I am not able to resolve the problem from them so I am asking

I had installed Cygwin a few days ago.I tried using ./configure command but it says

-bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

I tried using

where configure

but I got the output

INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s).

then I tried grep configureand I got this output


I tried to export the path and then run the ./configure but it also didn't worked.

I find no executable file named as configure in my cygwin bin directory.

Does it mean that I have to add configure file manually?How can I correct it?

NOTE :- I had also tried sh configure but it also didn't worked


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If a software project is set up to be built using autoconf, that tool generates a script canonically called configure. It queries the system for various parameters that are subsequently used in the build, and is specific to the software package to be built. Different software projects have different configure scripts. They are all called configure, but their contents are not the same.

So, to actually build such a software project once that script was set up (usually done by the maintainers when packaging the source tarball for distribution), you call:

tar xzf <tarball>.gz   # or xjf <tarball>.bz2 or whatever
cd <sourcedir>         # the one you just untarred
make install

Note the prefix ./, which means "located in this directory" (i.e. the top directory of that project's source tree).

Actually, the better procedure is the so-called "out-of-tree build", when you set up a different directory for the binaries to be built in, so the source tree remains unmodified:

tar xzf <tarball>.gz     # or xjf <tarball>.bz2 or whatever
mkdir builddir
cd builddir
make install

So, there is supposed to be no configure executable in your PATH, you are supposed to call the script of that name from the source tree you are trying to build from.


If I correctly understood...

Configure is not an application that should be installed on your system, but script that should be delivered with source code to prepare for make command. File named configure should be in the main directory of source code.

  • ok my bad..so can i update the script of configure to the latest version because it says this script last modified 2003-01-05 has failed to recognize your operating system??
    – user3048631
    Oct 10, 2014 at 12:16

I understand that this is an old question. However many might find this solution helpful.

Normally we use the make command to compile a downloaded source in cygwin. In many cases it contains a autogen.sh file. Running that file with

bash autogen.sh

will in many case solve the problem. At least it solved my issue and i could then use the make command

  • This is the correct answer. (Yes, you need to have installed autoconf.)
    – not2qubit
    Dec 22, 2020 at 5:41

Have you installed 'autoconf' yet? You may have to run the cygwin installation exe again (ie setup-x86_64.exe) and select this option to install.

You may also need 'automake' as well (ie if you have to deal with a Makefile.am)

Click here to see Image of how to install autoconf and automake

NOTE - just realized, you may need to install 'libtool' as well

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