In the context of web programming. What is a shim repository?

For instance, when I search "handlebars" in the bower package search page one of the result is:

"Shim repository for Handlebars.js"


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I don't think "shim repository" is a standardized term in web programming - its just how that specific project - the Components project - describes the repositories they create as stand-ins for those popular 3rd-party components.

Those repositories are "shims" in the sense that they adapt the releases of those popular components into a standard format needed by the Components project to support the package managers that the Components project targets.

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    So this means that if you are not using the components project for anything, these shim repositories are not useful? e.g. if I want to install font-awesome as a bower component and find this github.com/components/font-awesome ?
    – codecowboy
    Jun 8, 2015 at 7:10

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