I have a requirement to show a pdf in inappbrowser when user clicks on a link. It is working fine in ios but not working on android. I am using IBM worklight for my project. Below is the code I have used:


In ios the inappbrowser launches and displays the pdf but in android the inappbrowser is launches but no content is displayed

  • Can you share the logs/error? – Karikalan Oct 10 '14 at 17:22
  • I am not getting any errors. The inappbrowser is launching the url but somehow it is not able to display/download the pdf from that link. – user3878988 Oct 10 '14 at 17:27

Unlike iOS, which has a built-in PDF viewer - Android's webview does not have PDF viewer built-in.
This is why it is going to fail in Android.

You have 2 choices in Android:

  1. View the file using Google Docs by storing the file at a remote server and redirecting the user like so: window.open(encodeURI('https://docs.google.com/gview?embedded=true&url=http://www.your-server.com/files/your_file.pdf'), '_blank', 'location=yes,EnableViewPortScale=yes');

  2. Or use a Cordova plug-in. For example this one (you can search in Google for more). For this, you'll need to learn how to create Cordova plug-ins in Worklight.

You can read more options here: Phonegap InAppBrowser display pdf 2.7.0

  • Thanks for the answer. I tried 1st option, but when I use this code I am seeing html content/code in inappbrowser instead of pdf file. Let me know if I have to do any other code changes for first option to work. Thanks. – user3878988 Oct 14 '14 at 0:26
  • I have tried this myself using this for testing: window.open(encodeURI('https://docs.google.com/gview?embedded=true&url=http://kmmc.in/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/lesson2.pdf'), '_blank', 'location=yes,EnableViewPortScale=yes'); and it worked fine. Make sure you store the PDF in a public file server (not in the Worklight Server). – Idan Adar Oct 14 '14 at 4:38
  • When I do this by replacing my pdf url the session cookies are getting lost, because of which it is displaying the session timeout page jsp code src. In order to have a work around, I would like to download the pdf as it does in android browser. When I run my application in android browser and click on pdf link it opens new tab and downloads the pdf. Is it possible to do the same from android web view using phonegap/worklight. Thanks. – user3878988 Oct 16 '14 at 18:27
  • Yes, read the Cordova File API documentation. – Idan Adar Oct 16 '14 at 18:28
  • The Google Docs viewer doesn't open links in android – Elia Weiss Jul 27 '15 at 10:32

Try using


where using _system will download the file and open it in the system's application like Chrome or other PDF viewers.

  • 1
    Have you tried the '_system' solution, with a PDF, on Android to verify this works? – Brant Jun 6 '17 at 11:47
  • tested, but didn't work on android Oreo :/ – Sebastien H. Jun 25 '18 at 7:53

Using google drive viewer seems like a good quick option.

But moving forward they may change or depreciate their API and you will have to find a new way to support this. Also security is another consideration here as your file is publicly available and downloadable.

I had a similar situation in a recent project and we solved it by using: pdf.js

This is a JS based PDF parser with a good set of reader functionalities.. its not as smooth as a native one but did the job for us. It's main advantage is that we had the control over the codes and were able to open files from the device file system.

If you want to go for a more native like in-app route, then as @Idan Adar mentioned a native library + cordova plugin is the way to go.


Use uriEncodeComponent(link) and https://docs.google.com/viewer?url= link

Doc, Excel, Powerpoint and pdf all supported.

Use the cordova in app browser.

document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);
function onDeviceReady() {
    window.open = cordova.InAppBrowser.open;

           var clicked = $(e.target);
         if(clicked.is('a, a *'))
             clicked = clicked.closest("a");
             var link = clicked.attr("href");
            if(link.indexOf("https://") !== -1)
               if(true) //use to be able to determine browser from app
                    link = "http://docs.google.com/viewer?url=" +  encodeURIComponent(link) + "&embedded=true";

                 window.open(link, "_blank", "location=no,toolbar=no,hardwareback=yes");
                return false;

Try this code it's working fine for me.

var inAppBrowserRef;
var target = "_system";
var options = "location=yes,hidden=no,enableViewportScale=yes,toolbar=no,hardwareback=yes";
inAppBrowserRef = cordova.InAppBrowser.open(url, target, options); 
  • This leads to InAppBrowser: Error loading url file:///android_asset/www/assets/pdf/my.pdf:android.os.FileUriExposedException: file:///android_asset/www/assets/pdf/my.pdf exposed beyond app through Intent.getData() for me, mostly because of the enhanced security measures in API Level 24+ (see stackoverflow.com/a/38858040/1902598) – timbru31 Oct 18 '17 at 10:57
  • InAppBrowser: Error loading url : This is pdf url which you want to open Use below updated code : code var url ="www.abc.com/abc/xyz.pdf"; var inAppBrowserRef; var target = "_system"; var options = "location=yes,hidden=no,enableViewportScale=yes,toolbar=no,hardwareback=yes"; inAppBrowserRef = cordova.InAppBrowser.open(url, target, options); – Pankaj Singh Sugara Oct 25 '17 at 5:09
  • 1
    Thanks for the update, but our PDF is bundles with the app, there is no external website we can link to. Fixed the issue by following this workaround: github.com/pwlin/cordova-plugin-file-opener2/issues/… – timbru31 Oct 27 '17 at 11:15

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