I am using Guava TreeMultiset in one of my classes for a field that needs to be serialized/deserialized into a sorted multiset. I am using a custom comparator to construct the TreeMultiset:

private SortedMultiset<UserFavCatsNode> ms = TreeMultiset.create(new customComparator());

Serialization seems to be working fine, but deserialization fails as Jackson does not have access to the custom comparator to construct a TreeMuliset instance. How do I pass the comparator instance while deserializing?

I initially searched and found two options:

  1. Implement the Comparable interface. This works, but imposing custom ordering on the class itself is unsatisfactory.
  2. I tried to get around by writing a wrapper class based on a post (http://jackson-users.ning.com/forum/topics/de-serialize-treeset-by-first-defining-a-comparator), and calling this using the @JsonDeserialize annotation

public Constructor(@JsonDeserialize(as = CustomTreeMultiset.class) field) { // }

This strategy fails because Guava TreeMultiset is final and I cannot implement CustomTreeMultiset that extends it to provide a wrapper deserialization class. Is there a better solution than infuse custom ordering logic into the class?

  • No idea about Jackson, but in general, you hardly ever must subclass anything. So try a ForwardingMultiset with your own strategy. – maaartinus Oct 12 '14 at 10:54
  • Did you find a solution? – Benny Bottema Jun 23 '17 at 8:38

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