Can I use spring-security-rest as a replacement of Oauth?. My app has server side part and java script client side part where I found that spring-security-rest plugin fits most. But I want to be able to authenticate other apps who want to consume my service (I want to be something like Oauth provider). Does spring-security-rest plugin support this? or should I use another plugin?

  • The Spring Security REST Grails plugin allows you to use Spring Security for a stateless, token-based, RESTful authentication. So yes, you can. Reading through the fine manual will help understand how the plugin can also work as a delegator to other OAuth providers. – dmahapatro Oct 12 '14 at 0:12
  • Actually what I want is to let my application be something like OAuth provider – Feras Odeh Oct 12 '14 at 3:25

The plugin is not a fully OAuth provider. Or said in OAuth terminology, is not a full Authorisation Server.

In that case I recommend you Spring Security OAuth 2 Provider Plugin


If you are looking only for a simplistic token based authentication for your service, you could leverage the spring security rest plugin and tweak it a little bit based on your need without having to implement the full blown Spring Security OAuth2 Provider plugin. I managed to accomplish something similar with by extending some of the base classes of spring security rest plugin to modify the login payload and authentication and exposed a token/validate as a REST endpoint. I put up this as an independent authentication service that uses the /api/login API for token generation in tandem with the /token/validate to accomplish some kind of validation on token. Not a full blown Oauth scenario but serves the purpose of authentication between consumer and provider services.

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