I've been serving my Laravel app on my local machine (MAC OSX Maverick) via the php artisan serve command in the terminal.

How do I install it to my a free a hosting for testing? Technically, I only have a free web hosting account. This means I can't perform any command-line commands (SSH). Is there any simple way to install it? Can I just simply copy my Laravel app folder and put it on a web host?


"Can I just simply copy my Laravel app folder and put it on a web host?"

Pretty much this is the answer. You can upload your entire Laravel application to your webserver, and it should work.

But I'll warn you now that without command-line access - your going to have issues in the future. Try and find an alternative host for your website that provides command line access

  • Thanks this was really the answer. But still needed to change some directory paths and a few read/write permissions on under /app/logs/session/. Thanks :) I'll try to put what I did as an answer. – doncadavona Oct 12 '14 at 11:04

Easiest solution: Deploy it to OpenShift using a Laravel QuickStart. OpenShift is free, gives you SSH access, and basing your app off the Laravel QuickStart should handle the more complicated configuration bits.

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