is it possible to make gist embed script have vertical scroll bar? I want to embed my gist to my blog post, but it's a long code. I want my gist look like this in my blog post :

Scrollable code container


The easiest solution is to add the following code to your CSS:

    height:250px; // Any height
    overflow-y: visible;

This will limit the height of the gist's container, I tried other wrappers around it and this was the first one to limit the height.

Depending on specificity, you may need to add !important in your styles.

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    I prefer to use max-height: 250px; to avoid short gists to be expanded. – Giuseppe Luigi Dec 17 '18 at 18:51

One WordPress project which provides that kind of feature would be "Embed GitHub Gist / Gist height (7 posts)".

I wanted to add a gist height for really long gists that would result in a scrollbar for the embed.
Here's the patch to achieve this for the current trunk using a height parameter to the shortcode.

The most recent version is at this project.

Some of that work might have been included in "dflydev/embed-github-gist".

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