For those who know FatFree Framework, you are used to see this variable $f3. I want to change it to some other name more intuitive like $this or $app, and although I know that it's possible, what are the counter parts of doing that?

For example, this code:



if ((float)PCRE_VERSION<7.9)
    trigger_error('PCRE version is out of date');


Would be:



if ((float)PCRE_VERSION<7.9)
    trigger_error('PCRE version is out of date');


There's absolutely no counterpart of doing so. Here, $f3 is a local PHP variable, which can be renamed to whatever you like, as long as you follow the usual rules for PHP variables.

Especially, PHP won't allow you to rename it to $this, which is a reserved keyword.

  • Thanks for your answer @xfra35, I change the name of the variable and didn't get any problem yet. – rafamds Oct 13 '14 at 10:17

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