Background: I'm a big fan of using Codeblocks to do C++. I have just upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and installed Codeblocks via the Ubuntu Software Centre.

My Problem: All is going great, apart from one minor thing which is missing. When I double click on a variable, other instances of that variable used to be highlighted too. This was an extremely useful way I debugged my programs. But it isn't here on the new version for some reason.

I would like the feature shown in the screenshot below to be set. Where is the option?

enter image description here

Please can someone help me out, maybe there's an option I'm missing?


Install the contrib plugins for Code::Blocks IDE (codeblocks-contrib) to enable occurrences highlighting in Code::Blocks.

sudo apt install codeblocks-contrib

In Code::Blocks select Settings -> Editor -> Occurrences Highlighting (scroll down in the pane on the left side to find it) and then put a check mark in the three checkboxes under Highlight occurrences of selection as shown in the below screenshot.

The three checkboxes to select are:

  1. Highlight occurrences
  2. Case sensitive
  3. Whole words only

Then click the OK button to apply the changed settings. You can also put a check mark to the left of the two settings under Permanently highlighted occurrences in order to apply these settings.

enter image description here


karel -- Thank you very much for your answer. I believe this will be the thing which will solve most people's question.

For completion, I would like to document my different answer (for other forum users).

I simply had to install the optional extras on the Ubuntu software centre alongside the Codeblocks installation. The menu "occurence highlighting" did not appear without doing this.

Best wishes.

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