How do I concatenate 2 strings in NSIS?

StrCpy $1 "one string"

StrCpy $2 " second string"

MessageBox MB_OK "$1$2"

If you want to concatenate using the same variable you can do something like this:

StrCpy $1 "ABC"

StrCpy $1 "$1123"

DetailPrint $1

output is "ABC123"

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    +1 for mentioning that the variables can be placed just next to string literals – Jaime Hablutzel Mar 20 '14 at 3:33
StrCpy $1 "Hello"

StrCpy $2 "World"

StrCpy $3 "$1 $2"

DetailPrint $3

If you're looking to split up one long string over multiple lines, just use the \ inside the quotes:

MessageBox MB_OK "Alright, Mr. User you are done here, so you can go ahead and \ 
stop reading this message box about now."

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