I want to be able to transfer a directory and all its files from my local machine to my remote one. I dont use SCP much so I am a bit confused.

I am connected to my remote machine via ssh and I typed in the command

scp name127.0.0.1:local/machine/path/to/directory filename

the local/machine/path/to/directory is the value i got from using pwd in the desired directory on my local host.

I am currently getting the error

No such file or directory

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    Your mistake is where you have connected to the remote machine and then typed the command. You should run the command from your own system in the directory where the file exist not when you have connected.. – Zeinab Ghaffarnasab Sep 27 '18 at 5:51

Looks like you are trying to copy to a local machine with that command.

An example scp looks more like the command below:

Copy the file "foobar.txt" from the local host to a remote host

$ scp foobar.txt your_username@remotehost.edu:/some/remote/directory

scp "the_file" your_username@the_remote_host:the/path/to/the/directory

to send a directory:

Copy the directory "foo" from the local host to a remote host's directory "bar"

$ scp -r foo your_username@remotehost.edu:/some/remote/directory/bar

scp -r "the_directory_to_copy" your_username@the_remote_host:the/path/to/the/directory/to/copy/to

and to copy from remote host to local:

Copy the file "foobar.txt" from a remote host to the local host

$ scp your_username@remotehost.edu:foobar.txt /your/local/directory

scp your_username@the_remote_host:the_file /your/local/directory

and to include port number:

Copy the file "foobar.txt" from a remote host with port 8080 to the local host

$ scp -P 8080 your_username@remotehost.edu:foobar.txt /your/local/directory

scp -P port_number your_username@the_remote_host:the_file /your/local/directory

From a windows machine to linux machine using putty

pscp -r <directory_to_copy> username@remotehost:/path/to/directory/on/remote/host

  • Thanks for the help. This comes close to solving my problem but not quite yet. I want to be able to send the directory and all of its contents. What I tried is scp -r path/to/directory username@remotehost – Liondancer Oct 13 '14 at 18:24
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    answer updated to include directory – Craicerjack Oct 13 '14 at 18:25
  • Thank you!!! Your help got the job done! Thanks!! – Liondancer Oct 13 '14 at 18:26
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    In case you need to explicitly specify port number do it by using -P portNumber. e.g.` scp -P 2200 bprajapati@ ~/Documents` – Vinay Prajapati Jan 8 '16 at 6:49

In my case I had to specify the Port Number using

scp -P 2222 username@hostip:/directory/ /localdirectory/

i had a kind of similar problem. i tried to copy from a server to my desktop and always got the same message for the local path. the problem was, i already was logged in to my server per ssh, so it was searching for the local path in the server path.

solution: i had to log out and run the command again and it worked


Your problem can be caused by different things. I will provide you three possible scenarios in Linux:

  • The File location

When you use scp name , you mean that your File name is in Home directory. When it is in Home but inside in another Folder, for example, my_folder, you should write:

scp /home/my-username/my_folder/name my-username@
  • You File Permission

You must know the File Permission your File has. If you have Read-only you should change it.

To change the Permission:

As Root ,sudo caja ( the default file manager for the MATE Desktop) or another file manager ,then with you Mouse , right-click to the File name , select Properties + Permissions and change it on Group and Other to Read and write .

Or with chmod .

  • You Port Number

Maybe you remote machine or Server can only communicate with a Port Number, so you should write -P and the Port Number.

scp -P 22 /home/my-username/my_folder/name my-usernamee@ /var/www/html

Be sure the folder from where you send the file does not contain space !

I was trying to send a file to a remote server from my windows machine from VS code terminal, and I got this error even if the file was here.

It's because the folder where the file was contained space in its name...

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