Is there a simple way to create several console instances(windows) in Node.js to stream there logs?

I imagine such code:

var consoles = require('consoles')

console1 = consoles.createConsole({name:"name1", title:"some title1"})
console1.log("Hello console 1!")

console2 = consoles.createConsole({name:"name2", title:"some title2"})
console2.log("Hello console 2!")

Which creates two console windows with corresponding records.

Upd: I played with different logging packages looking this feature : debug, log, winston, bunyan

They all solve task of logging, and maybe I can use them. For example, I could write specific transport for winston, or stream for bunyan.... But my question is - how to make several instanses/windows of console/tty/terminal and get their stdin streams?


Console.log is a bad way to log events. There are multiple modules for logging which enable you to filter output and choose where the output goes. Have a look at debug, log and many others.

  • I've updated my question – Sergey Lapin Oct 14 '14 at 5:53

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