I am having trouble deploying my app on pythonanywhere.com. I have followed instructions to get teh django rest frameowrk package installed via pip by running the following

pip install --user djangorestframework

When I go into my console and run pip freeze it outputs djangorestframework==2.4.3 as one of the installed packages.

However, if I got to my python console and try import rest_framework or try to add rest_framework as an installed app in my django settings, I get this error.

ImportError: No module named 'rest_framework'

How do I get it to be recognized by my console and my application?


It turns out that it was a python version issue. It was installing rest_framework under python 2.7 and my application was using python 3.3. To install it for python 3.3 I ran the following.

pip3.3 install djangorestframework

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