I am implementing printing of a web page that is originally displayed in Internet Explorer.

I would like to use the browser "Inspect Element" functionality when in print mode. So I would like to emulate print media, while still actually displaying the page in the browser.

Google Chrome has exactly this functionality.

Is this available in Internet Explorer. In particular, IE11?

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I do not believe that IE11 currently supports the F12 developer tools in print preview.

I do not know whether such support is in the works, but you could consider adding a suggestion to IE platform suggestion box on UserVoice.

If you're looking to debug issues that only appear during printing, perhaps you could create a simpler case, add a DIV that displays debugging info, and then display your DIV using a print media stylesheet.

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Yes, It is available in IE 11. Click Tools Button (Alt + X) and then Click Print>Print Preview

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    Print Preview does not do what I want. It is not possible to do "Inspect element" in the Print Preivew window. Oct 17, 2014 at 13:26

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