(specifically RESTeasy)

It would be nice (for a single file) to have a method signature like:

public void upload(@FormParam("name") ..., @FormParam("file") file: InputStream)

doable? or am I dreaming? doesn't seem to be that simple.


The key is to leverage the @MultipartForm annotations that comes with RESTEasy. This enables you to define a POJO that contains all the parts of the form and bind it easily.

Take for example the following POJO:

public class FileUploadForm {
    private byte[] filedata;

    public FileUploadForm() {}

    public byte[] getFileData() {
        return filedata;

    public void setFileData(final byte[] filedata) {
        this.filedata = filedata;

Now all you need to do is use this POJO in the entity which would look something like this:

public Response create(@MultipartForm FileUploadForm form) 
    // Do something with your filedata here
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    raiglstorfer, how would you setup the request to test this service? – c12 Apr 20 '11 at 23:31
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    @c12 I use cURL to test my RESTeasy methods. Something like this should work: curl -F filedata=@yourfile.png http://localhost:8080/Project/rest-servlet/upload, more info here: link – François Cassin Jun 23 '11 at 10:14

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