I saw the Bug Me iPhone app and was intrigued by the ability to add icons to the home screen. I figured it would work similar to the way that Safari achieves it.

There as a similar question here that said it was not possible: Implementing "Add to Home Screen", ala Safari

Clearly there is a way and I am not looking in the right places.

Has anyone else worked it out yet?

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    "Add icon to home screen like Safari" from what? Web App, Native App, back pocket? – balexandre Apr 14 '10 at 13:36

You have to use Safari.

BugMe saves the note on home screen by:

  1. Upload the note to their server.
  2. Launch Safari by -openURL: with a URL to their server.
  3. In Safari, the user is instructed to press the "+" key to add a special bugme:// link to home screen.

There's no other ways if only documented methods can be used.

For private APIs, create a UIWebClip object and use -[UIApplication addWebClipToHomeScreen:].

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