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I would really like to know if there are any methods or applications which can show me which functions are referencing which functions. So say I would like to see from where a function change_state() is called/referenced, I get something like:

change_state() <--|
                  \--afile.c |<--trigger() 
                  /  line 100| 
                  |  line 156|
                     line 26|<--|--button_event()<--process_event()
                     line 30|   |

EDIT: I am using the Keil compiler in Windows 7.

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You can use gperf for that type of use.

It will show you a call graph, which is basically what you want, including performance mesurement.

First, assuming you're using gcc, compile with the option -gp.

Then, run your binary normally. It will output a gmon.out file. You can then use gperf to analyse that file, which contains the data you're requesting.

  • Shouldn't this be possible without compilation? – chwi Oct 15 '14 at 8:14

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