Tomcat increases the number of threads from minSpareThreads to maxThreads step by step.

What is the trigger that makes Tomcat increase the number of threads?


It's probably slightly different than you write:

  • minThreads: The number of threads that are allocated on startup
  • minSpareThreads: The number of threads that should be available at all time. If less are available (idle), increase their number until maxThreads is reached
  • maxThreads: Never have more than this number of threads running at the same time.

(I have to admit, I didn't look up the documentation - and you didn't say if this applies to HTTP threads, database threads or others, but this is what I'm used to see)

Sample: Let say you have configured 10 / 5 / 20 threads (min, minSpare, max). On startup, 10 threads will be added to the pool. For the first 5 consumed threads, nothing else happens. Once the 6th thread is consumed, you have less than 5 spare threads and this is the reason to start up more (until this condition is met again).

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  • For the curious, this works by applying a sort of "queue capacity hack" over the standard threadpool components. Normally, a standard java threadpool won't add more threads unless the queue is totally full. The implementation here hacks around that: github.com/apache/tomcat/blob/… – jocull Jun 8 at 13:54

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