I am writing a plugin and need to give access to "Subscriber" and "Administrator" only. I am writing this code

add_menu_page( 'Country Profiles', 'Country Profiles', 'subscriber', 'countryprofile', 'Adm_CountryProfile', '', 2 );

but this is giving access only to Subscriber, not Administrator.


The add_menu_page() function is designed to take a capability, not a role. See the documentation. So for administrator, you could do something like:

add_menu_page('Country Profiles', 'Country Profiles', 'activate_plugins', 'countryprofile', 'Adm_CountryProfile', '', 2);

since the admin is the only role with that capability by default. I don't know of any capabilities shared by the admin and subscriber only, so you'd need to create your own capability if that's a requirement. See the documentation for add_cap(). You can pass any string to this, for example, 'edit_country_profiles'.

If you're doing this all in a plugin, it's highly suggested to use add_cap() on plugin activation using register_activation_hook().


In a WP Multisite instance, a Super Admin should have access to other user's capabilities. You may want to consider upgrading from a single WP install. https://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network?

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