For ASP.NET Identity 2.0:

Does anybody know how to get "all users that have a given claim assigned"?

Let's say I have a claim with type="ArticleId" and value="1".

How can I get all users that have this claim? I really couldn't figure it out .. so, thanks for any help!!


Check this one.

var userContext = new ApplicationDbContext();

var users = userContext.Users.ToList(); Or 

var users = UserManager.Users.ToList();

var userfilter = users.Where(u => u.Claims.Any(t => t.ClaimType == "ArticleId" && t.ClaimValue == "1"));
  • DSR again. You really seem to be an expert for ASP.NET Identity. Thanks again for your help!! It's working perfectly. – Ingmar Oct 16 '14 at 7:03

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