I have looked at the question "Is it possible to 'prefill' a google form using data from a google spreadsheet?" and the code provided in the answer (thanks Mogsdad) works well for text type Google form questions. My question is: Is it possible to prefill a checkbox type Google form question?

For example, if I have an existing spreadsheet with an entry for "Names" and one of the entries is "Fred, Barney" would it be possible, via coding, to have a form prefill with the checkboxes ticked for "Fred" and "Barney" under a "Names" checkbox type Google form question?

Thanks, Greig

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The basic pattern for each response can be repeated for most other types. For example, this works for multiple choice:

            item = items[i].asMultipleChoiceItem();
            var respItem = item.createResponse(resp);

However, a checkbox can be tricky, as it may have one item, multiple items, and even "other" responses. When the response is recorded to your spreadsheet, it will appear as a comma-separated string; when received in a form submission event (e.g. in a trigger function), we get an array (... where all responses are in the first item in the array, in a comma-separated string). The createResponse() method for a checkboxItem expects an array of valid choices... so we can provide that with a little javascript magic:

            item = items[i].asCheckboxItem();
            // Response is a CSV string, need array
            var respArray = resp.split(/ *, */);
            var respItem = item.createResponse(respArray);

EDIT: Google has a bug with CheckboxItems and MultipleChoiceItems, when used with "Other" options enabled. Those "other" options are allowed, but get rendered incorrectly in the pre-filled URL, and as a result they don't appear in the displayed form. Please see and star Issue 4454.

Here's an updated version of the function from Is it possible to 'prefill' a google form using data from a google spreadsheet?, updated to handle lists, multiple choice, and checkbox responses. This version is more general, it can adapt to the headings in your spreadsheet. BONUS: if you add a column labeled "Prefilled URL", the script will write its generated URLs there.


 * Use Form API to generate pre-filled form URLs
 * https://stackoverflow.com/a/26395487/1677912
function evenBetterBuildUrls() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
  var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("Form Responses 1");
  var data = ss.getDataRange().getValues();  // Data for pre-fill
  var headers = data[0];                     // Sheet headers == form titles (questions)

  var formUrl = ss.getFormUrl();             // Use form attached to sheet
  var form = FormApp.openByUrl(formUrl);
  var items = form.getItems();
  var urlCol = headers.indexOf("Prefilled URL");   // If there is a column labeled this way, we'll update it

  // Skip headers, then build URLs for each row in Sheet1.
  for (var row = 1; row < data.length; row++ ) {
    Logger.log("Generating pre-filled URL from spreadsheet for row="+row);
    // build a response from spreadsheet info.
    var response = form.createResponse();
    for (var i=0; i<items.length; i++) {
      var ques = items[i].getTitle();           // Get text of question for item
      var quesCol = headers.indexOf(ques);      // Get col index that contains this question
      var resp = ques ? data[row][quesCol] : "";
      var type = items[i].getType().toString();
      Logger.log("Question='"+ques+"', resp='"+resp+"' type:"+type);
      // Need to treat every type of answer as its specific type.
      switch (items[i].getType()) {
        case FormApp.ItemType.TEXT:
          var item = items[i].asTextItem();
        case FormApp.ItemType.PARAGRAPH_TEXT: 
          item = items[i].asParagraphTextItem();
        case FormApp.ItemType.LIST:
          item = items[i].asListItem();
        case FormApp.ItemType.MULTIPLE_CHOICE:
          item = items[i].asMultipleChoiceItem();
        case FormApp.ItemType.CHECKBOX:
          item = items[i].asCheckboxItem();
          // In a form submission event, resp is an array, containing CSV strings. Join into 1 string.
          // In spreadsheet, just CSV string. Convert to array of separate choices, ready for createResponse().
          if (typeof resp !== 'string')
            resp = resp.join(',');      // Convert array to CSV
          resp = resp.split(/ *, */);   // Convert CSV to array
        case FormApp.ItemType.DATE:
          item = items[i].asDateItem();
          resp = new Date( resp );
        case FormApp.ItemType.DATETIME:
          item = items[i].asDateTimeItem();
          resp = new Date( resp );
          item = null;  // Not handling DURATION, GRID, IMAGE, PAGE_BREAK, SCALE, SECTION_HEADER, TIME
      // Add this answer to our pre-filled URL
      if (item) {
      // Checking if there is any value
        if(resp[0].length != 0){
          var respItem = item.createResponse(resp);
      // else if we have any other type of response, we'll skip it
      else Logger.log("Skipping i="+i+", question="+ques+" type:"+type);
    // Generate the pre-filled URL for this row
    var editResponseUrl = response.toPrefilledUrl();
    // If there is a "Prefilled URL" column, update it
    if (urlCol >= 0) {
      var urlRange = sheet.getRange(row+1,urlCol+1).setValue(editResponseUrl);
  • Thanks for your response Mogsdad. I have tried the code by running it as a script on the spreadsheet and got an error: "Invalid response submitted to item" applying to line 64 (var respItem = item.createResponse(resp);) which is two lines below the comment "// Add this answer to our pre-filled URL". Any thoughts?
    – Greig
    Commented Oct 16, 2014 at 3:40
  • 1
    I have tried this on a smaller spreadsheet similar to the example given by Mogsdad and it worked fine. It would seem the problem is in my existing form and spreadsheet. I have an entry in the csv cell that matches to a checkbox but no corresponding check box for it to select when it is going into the form.
    – Greig
    Commented Oct 16, 2014 at 5:00
  • @Greig - the documentation for CheckboxItem.createResponse() explains this behavior; it "Throws an exception if any value does not match a valid choice for this item", unless your question includes "Other" options.
    – Mogsdad
    Commented Oct 16, 2014 at 13:02
  • Added note about a google bug with CheckboxItem and MultipleChoiceItem, related to "Other".
    – Mogsdad
    Commented Oct 16, 2014 at 13:36
  • Is there a way of skipping blank entries?
    – Greig
    Commented Oct 17, 2014 at 3:21

When you edit the form, fill in the values that you want to be pre-filled.

Then get the pre-filled URL

enter image description here


This is the last Script i have developped it work great for me.

Update and prefield link for google Form.

This script will not turn off as we know the runtime is 6 minute i have make this script work with google form submit trigger and a manual trigger in the function to get the lastrow.

note :

  1. you must change all number with your specific cell
  2. Specially you must change you form entry in the last row of the script with your own (Take a look at the pic evry input have a fixed unique entry)

  • 3
    Could you include your script in your answer? It would make your answer much better.
    – Lea Cohen
    Commented Feb 11, 2015 at 11:30

There is a small issue in the script provided as the answer.

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();
var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("Form Responses 1");
var data = ss.getDataRange().getValues();  // Data for pre-fill

The variable data is referencing the active sheet (ss), not the "Form Responses 1" sheet (sheet). This could be intentional but I thought I should highlight it if anyone else is using the same sheet for pre-filling and responses.

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