I have a strange promblem with DataServices when executing specific query:

http://localhost:58362/DataService.svc/A?$expand=B/C works as expected

http://localhost:58362/DataService.svc/C?$expand=D works as expected

On Query:

http://localhost:58362/DataService.svc/A?$expand=B/C/D I get

    odata.error: {
        code: ""
        message: {
            lang: "en-EN"
            value: "An error occurred while processing this request."

No exceptions in visual. Just this result without more messages.

Can it be connected with amount of data?


Problem is solved now.

There was QueryInterceptor, which filtered out some C models. That caused empty C property in some B elements in http://localhost:58362/DataService.svc/A?$expand=B/C/D. Trying expanding with D was breaking the result.

Solution is to prepare QueryInterceptor, which does not filter C models in some situations or prepare QueryInterceptor for B.

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