I have a very simple batch file that reads a txt file and checks for the number "1", and creates a batch file with the results - very simple but works as expected.

@echo off

FIND /I " 1" "C:\PassFail.txt" > C:\PassFailResult.txt

I want to name the output txt file using a variable:

e.g. FIND /I " 1" "C:\PassFail.txt" > C:\"variablename".txt

Can anyone tell me how I can do this?

The variable name will be a report id stored in another location so I would need to load the variable name into my batch file and then use this variable as the name of the output report.

I am running the script on a Windows server 2008 SP1, I'm also new to batch processing.


for /f %%a in ("the other file") do set OutputFile=%%a
find "1" "c:\passfail.txt" > "c:\%OutputFile%.txt"

This should do what you want:

set variablename=C:/PassFailResult.txt

> FIND /l " 1" "C:/PassFail.txt" > %variablename%

Also see this.

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