Text of the label jumps on a next line when I use setIcon(). How to output it in one line?

Label info = new Label("Reports are generated every day at 5 pm", ContentMode.HTML);
info.setIcon( new ThemeResource("img/icons/information.png") ) ;
JobsLayout.addComponent( info );
JobsLayout.setComponentAlignment(info, Alignment.MIDDLE_RIGHT);
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You can use icon inside label text:

Label date = new Label(FontAwesome.CALENDAR.getHtml() + " " + new Date());

Source: Vaadin Wiki.


Vaadin label with icon in the same line.

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    This is not possible for a custom icon, the question was about using a themeresource – iXô Feb 13 at 9:24

You should try this:


with this CSS:

.v-caption-line {
    display: inline !important;

I had the same problem and used the following "solution" at the end. The advantage is if you use multiple labels on below each other they have the same space between icon and text.

Vaadin Code

Button label = new Button("Your label text here.");
label.addStyleName(ValoTheme.BUTTON_BORDERLESS + " labelButton");

CSS Code

.labelButton:after, .labelButton:active {
    content: none;
    border: none;
    color: #000000;

.labelButton {
    cursor: default;

It might be the label as well, you can try some inline CSS since you have specified your content type to HTML anyway, it should be something like this: Label info = new Label("<span style=\"dispaly: inline;\">Reports are generated every day at 5 pm</span>", ContentMode.HTML);

If that didn't work, try doing the same thing with the div associated with the label - or - you can inject your icon with the inline CSS within the span.

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