I use Vrapper in Eclipse on Mac OS X. I'm trying to get the vim-ish register contents that I obtained by yanking text with y on to the system clipboard. In regular Vim invoked from the command line, I have shortcuts mapped to make system calls to pbcopy that do the job. But Vrapper doesn't seem to read my .vimrc. Even if it does, those shortcuts don't work.

What's the best way to get the Vrapper clipboard contents onto the system clipboard?


Just like with Vim, you must specify the "+ or "* register when you yank:


Just like with Vim, you can set Vrapper to use your system clipboard when yanking or deleting by adding this line in ~/.vrapperc:

set clipboard=unnamed

Also, if you use Vim for programming it is recommended to use a proper build instead of the default, if only to get clipboard support. Just install MacVim and forget about pbcopy.

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