I have different svgs (svg1-svg4) with several circles drawn on them. I can select these circles individually so that their appearance changes (fill color). They're also added to the class .selected.

Now I would like to drag semi-transparent copies of them to a new svg. The original circles should stay where they are. I would like to provide the interactive ability to create a new object on another svg (svg5) by dragging a number of circles onto that svg5. When they're dropped, the copies of the circles should be deleted and a prompt should open where the user can give more info about the new object in svg5.

Therefore I created a new svg (called svgCircles). On the svgCircles, I added a group g where I append a circle copy when a circle is selected. I also added the drag behavior to the group which calls a function where I would change the position of the g element/the circle copies.

My question is now: Where should I position the svg so that a drag-event is noticed and the function called? I thought about putting it on the same position of the circle that I clicked (but transparent) but then the drag would only work if I started dragging on the last selected circle (which is not what I want). It should work for all selected circles.

All the functions work when I put the svg "below" the others on the body and drag it. But the svg should "fly" above the others when I drag it. I don't want to put in on the other svgs(1-4) because then it would get hidden when dragged over the other svgs.

I'm sorry I can't provide any cody here because it is a rather theoretical question. I hope I have made myself clear enough, though.

I would love to know your ideas/solutions! Thanks!

  • I put the svgCircles in a div that I can easily drag around. So part of the problem is solved. Now, the position of the div really makes me crazy, because even when I use d3.event.pageY or pageY and set the div-position to these values, the div never appears where I click. – Julia Jürgens Oct 20 '14 at 10:23
  • Ok, I added call(drag) to all my selected circles, so that the drag function always gets called when I start dragging a selected circle. Now, the only problem is that the div that contains the svg with the circles doesn't move when I drag. I used this to change the div's position: // the div size is: width: 150px, height: 20px d3.select("div#divDragSVG") .style("left", Math.max(0, d3.event.pageX - 150) + "px") .style("top", (d3.event.pageY + 20) + "px"); Why is it not moving? And would the svg and the circles also move when I just drag the div? – Julia Jürgens Oct 21 '14 at 17:59
  • Well, I just found out myself: d3.event.pageYdoes not work but d3.event.sourceEvent.pageYdoes. Not sure why, though. – Julia Jürgens Oct 21 '14 at 18:13

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