How to implement a static function in an abstract class?? Where do I implement this?

class Item{
  // Enable (or disable) debug descriptions. When enabled, the String produced
  // by descrip() includes the minimum width and maximum weight of the Item.
  // Initially, debugging is disabled.
  static enableDebug(bool);


First of all, that function needs a return type. I'll assume it's supposed to be void.

You implement it in a source file, just as you would implement any other method:

void Item::enableDebug(bool toggle)
  // Do whatever

There's nothing special about it being static or the Item class being abstract. The only difference is that you do not have access to a this pointer (and consequently also not to member variables) within the method.


Static functions cannot be virtual so you implement it in the context of the class itself. It doesn't matter if the class is abstract or not.

void Item::enableDebug(bool)

Static methods can be implemented in any class. I just don't know if your method can be made static. Your comments suggest that the method will set some object data. In this case, your method cannot be static.


Most modern C++ compilers can (now) handle having static method implementation inside the class declaration, as in:

class Item {

  static void enableDebug(bool value) {
      static bool isOn = false;
      isOn = value;
      std::cout << "debug is " << (isOn ? "on" : "off") << std::endl;


I'm not saying this is a good idea, but does flesh out the previous answers some.

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