I'd like insert account my google glass, but I cann't do that.

I'm using node.js(v0.10.31), googleapis(v1.0.11) and passport-google-oauth(v0.1.5)

of course, I turned on Google Mirror API on Google Developers Console. and made pem file.

Here is google Developers console setting. (I tried to upload pics but, I need some levels.)


CLIENT ID      670282105???-a???pbnh1pp.apps.googleusercontent.com 
EMAIL ADDRESS  670282105???-????nh1pp@developer.gserviceaccount.com  
REDIRECT URIS  http://www.-----------.com:3333/auth/google/callback
JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS     http://www.-----------.com:3333



CLIENT ID         67028????qjv.apps.googleusercontent.com 
EMAIL ADDRESS     6702821053????qjv@developer.gserviceaccount.com 
FINGERPRINTS      e25e3a045????a4e40 – Delete
                  822e7bda????e85c56 – Delete
                  70ae6e7c????45c7c9 – Delete

Here are my codes.

passport.use(new GoogleStrategy({
    clientID: pkginfo.oauth.google.CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret: pkginfo.oauth.google.CLIENT_SECRET,
    callbackURL: pkginfo.oauth.google.REDIRECT_URL
  function(accessToken, refreshToken, profile, done) {

  var googleapis = require('googleapis');
  var mirror = googleapis.mirror('v1');
  var OAuth2 = googleapis.auth.OAuth2;

  var jwt = new googleapis.auth.JWT(pkginfo.oauth.glass.EMAIL_ADDRESS,

  jwt.authorize(function(err, tokens) {
    if (err) clog.error("Error @jwt.authorize:" + err);

    var oAuth2Client = new OAuth2(pkginfo.oauth.google.CLIENT_ID,

      access_token : tokens.access_token

    var params = {
      auth: oAuth2Client,
      userToken : accessToken,
      accountType : "com.cocoa.glasshelpme",
      accountName : profile.emails[0].value,
      resource :
        features: ["a", "b", "c"],
        userData: [
          {key : "realName" , value : "James jerry"}
        authTokens: [
            { type: tokens.token_type, authToken: accessToken }

    mirror.accounts.insert(params, callback);

    function callback(err,result) {

and I got this error message.

error:  { errors: [ { domain: 'global', reason: 'invalid', message: 'Invalid Value' } ],
  code: 400,
  message: 'Invalid Value' }

Thank you.


Make sure you've reached out to the review team to upload your APK on MyGlass and provided them with the exact account type you are going to use (e.g com.cocoa.glasshelpme): those steps are required before you can start using this API.

You can find more information on the developers guide.

UPDATE: Just saw that you are using userToken parameter with an accessToken argument; the userToken should be the one that got provided by MyGlass when the user clicked on the auth URL.

  • In developers guide, Doc shows me, @param userToken the user token sent to your auth callback URL. But I just got param like this code=4/TOBVkDNEWIyC4hOOC5t9n0-dk-qYjdtyWFlUkdMqMwM.otEU4oXVh_UUBrG_bnfDxpICP7VXXXXX", and I change this code to access_token and refresh_token, Could you let me know where can I receive is userToken? – j2rry Oct 27 '14 at 12:04
  • You are confusing the OAuth 2.0 web flow and GDK authentication: the former will give you a code that you need to exchange for OAuth 2.0 tokens which is completely unrelated from GDK authentication. The userToken is retrieved when a user clicks to install your Glassware for MyGlass: it will be part of the URL when redirecting the user to your authentication page. – Alain Oct 27 '14 at 15:52

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