I'm using elasticsearch in a NodeJS project, which is breaking upon entering one of the Lucene keywords into the search box. I'm looking for a simple implementation to escape their special characters. Is regex the best way? I've been fiddling with the regex for a bit now, and felt as if there were probably others that have already gone through this process.


Just needed to fiddle more.

var escaped = query.replace(/([\!\*\+\&\|\(\)\[\]\{\}\^\~\?\:\"])/g, "\\$1");    

Globally replace all instances of the chars lucene would yell about with their escaped version.


I updated this to include all elasticsearch & Lucene reserved characters:

var pattern = /([\!\*\+\-\=\<\>\&\|\(\)\[\]\{\}\^\~\?\:\\/"])/g;

var str = "}the+S+entence you want]]to e*scape"

str = str.replace(pattern, "\\$1");

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