I use base64 encoding for file uploads. The REST API is as below for file uploads:

POST /users/:resourceid/files

Authentications are handled through resourceid. And the content of the POST request is files content in base64 format.

Can I have progress bar for my file uploads? If no, then which path should I take to handle file uploads with progress bar?


You can do something like this,

request.upload.addEventListener('progress', function(e){
    _progress.style.width = Math.ceil(e.loaded/e.total) * 100 + '%';
}, false);

Full explanation here.

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    How's that possible when all of the file is sent in a big chunk with base64 encode via REST API? Did you have the same issue with REST API or this is just a general article for upload a file with progress bar. As far as I know REST is stateless. thanks – ALH Oct 18 '14 at 10:51
  • when using RESTful style in HTTP then you may use anything that HTTP supports. – Jangid Oct 19 '14 at 7:56

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